What can Copper Tree Clinic do for my feet?

We put our feet through so much stress throughout our lives but rarely appreciate them!

I can treat and advise on common foot conditions such as corns, verrucae, callus and fungal infections of the nails. A basic foot treatment would check for any of the above and keep the toenails trimmed and feet healthy.

A Pedicure is a lovely treat for the feet, starting with a foot soak and including nails trimmed and filed, cuticle tidy, callus removal, relaxing foot and lower leg massage finishing with coloured nails of your choice.

For extremely dry feet I would recommend a foot mask with heated boots to finish the pedicure treatment, this is also excellent in relieving arthritic conditions.

Monu professional products are used. For more specific problems, appropriate foot care products are used.

How much does it cost?

  • to find out about different foot treatments and their prices please see my treatment menu

I have health problems. Does this stop me from having treatments with Copper Tree Clinic?

  • there are some medical contraindications for certain treatments. Before attending any treatments at Copper Tree Clinic for the first time, you will be asked to complete a simple medical questionnaire which is kept strictly confidential.