What can Copper Tree Clinic do for my hands?

Most people stop at their nails when it comes to caring for their hands, but our hands often show the first signs of aging.

A manicure will cleanse the hands, tidy, trim and condition cuticles, and nails. Finishing with a massage which will help the circulation. The application of vanish is optional.


The RENU Young Hands Treatment is perfect to relieve dry skin and nails and arthritic conditions. Thermal peel will deeply exfoliate and re-texturise the skin, an indulgent buttery mask rich in oils, massaged into the skin will nourish the hands, the application of heated gloves will encourage this further, and finally a nourishing balm will protect the hands and improve the appearance of age spots and parchment like skin restoring a youthful texture and tone.

Treatments are relaxing and therapeutic, showing results every time.

How much does it cost?

  • to find out about different hand treatments and their prices please see my treatment menu

I have health problems. Does this stop me from having treatments with Copper Tree Clinic?

  • there are some medical contraindications for certain treatments. Before attending any treatments at Copper Tree Clinic for the first time, you will be asked to complete a simple medical questionnaire which is kept strictly confidential.